Why Ceybon?

Ceybon has been such a joy. I feel just right.

Highest Profit Outlets:

1.Bar β€” The best mushroom and adaptogen mood booster on the market and it won’t break your food cost.

2.Restaurant/ Bar β€” A water plus functional mushroom and adaptogen offering. Still, sparking or water plus? Plus an additional gratuity for servers.Β 

3.Cafe β€” Adaptogen, mushroom coffee.

4.Amenities β€” Gifts, mini bar and grab and go.

Top 3 Motivations for a Buy

1.Data driven β€” Knows about adaptogen mushroom benefits and wants their unique attitude adjustment- more energy, more happy, more focused, sleep aid, etc.

2.Impulse buy β€” Curiosity, unique gift, new and unusual.Β 

3.Values driven β€” supports wildcrafted plant based, hyper local, woman-owned business, loves sustainable products.

  • $11.50 per ounce β€” 192 servings β€” your profit $0.91 / serving or $175 per 4 oz. bottle

Additional gratuity potential for servers:

$5 for 1 oz bottle added to table tab

$10 for 2 oz. bottle added to table tabΒ 

$1-$2 for cocktail or coffee sales

β€œI have the Euphoria. I’m usually very anxious in the morning. I don’t know why. But once I started drinking this, I don’t have those anxious feelings. It is so awesome. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.”

β€” AP