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Break Up 💔 with Alcohol. Ceybon AF Makes It Easy 🍄🌿🍹

Break Up 💔 with Alcohol. Ceybon AF Makes It Easy 🍄🌿🍹

A Natural Buzz was Born: The Ceybon AF Story

During the height of the COVID pandemic, our founder Giulietta Octavio, Doctor of Integrative Chinese Medicine, noticed an alarming increase in alcohol consumption among her patients. This made sense - the stress of the pandemic was getting to everyone, and we all had to cope somehow. She knew that this much alcohol consumption wasn’t sustainable for the wellness of her patients, yet she also recognized that the function of alcohol - reducing stress and relieving tension - was absolutely necessary. 

Dr. Octavio knew that she could help solve this alcohol consumption issue with her knowledge of wild foraged mushrooms and herbs in Northern California, as well as her expertise in traditional Chinese herbs. In truth, she was doing what humans have always done in their times of greatest need: turn to their trusted herbal medicines for critical help. Soon she was creating formulas that used mushroom and herbal medicinal powers to elicit the feeling of drinking alcohol, without the health costs. Now, these formulations have evolved into Ceybon AF mushroom-infused aperitifs, which fill our society’s need for a non-addictive, health-positive, stress-relieving, and mood-boosting beverage. Ceybon AF aperitifs are a whole new category of drink - mimicking the mouth feel, viscosity, and nervous system effects of alcohol with herbal and mushroom medicine. And here’s a bonus: All of our Ceybon AF aperitifs are exceptionally delicious!

Since its launch, Ceybon AF has been added to the menus of many high-end restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels in the San Francisco bay area, and recently the Moscone Center. Next week, Ceybon AF will feature in the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

Damiana: Herb Highlight

Damiana is one of our most important herbal ingredients in Ceybon AF aperitifs. An herb with sensual grace, allowing us to feel pleasure, presence, and embodied joy, Damiana helps uplift us naturally. Traditionally used to help humans feel great in their bodies, damiana lifts the mood and dispels sadness while increasing circulation and warming the spirit - aka, damiana is an aphrodisiac! Used in a traditional Mexican liqueur for centuries and known as an original margarita ingredient, damiana is well known where it grows - Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and southern Texas. This herb is known to cause giggles, smiles, and feel-good emotions. Great for those who find that anxiety and mild depression get in the way of embodiment.

Read more about damiana:

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