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Why does Ceybon AF feel so good? ❤️

Why does Ceybon AF feel so good? ❤️

🌿How we mimic the effects of alcohol with herbs 🌿

So often our customers wonder why our mushroom-infused Ceybon AF aperitifs make them feel so relaxed, uplifted, calm, and just, well, joyful! “I feel like I just drank a cocktail - How is this alcohol free?!” is a common question overheard at our tastings. And it’s true - our Ceybon AF drinks are definitely alcohol free, and they get us buzzed! How? It all comes down to how we expertly apply our knowledge of the ancient art and science of herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine encompasses the use of plants and fungi for human wellness. This natural practice has been healing our predecessors since time immemorial and continues to support many of us today. To understand herbal medicine you need to understand “herbal actions” - or the specific effects that an herb has on the body. One herb usually has multiple herbal actions. For example, a well known and beloved herb, chamomile, has many herbal actions including being both a nervine sedative (meaning it calms the nervous system) and a carminative (meaning it expels gas and bloating from the digestive tract, increasing digestive wellness). That’s why when you drink strong chamomile tea you notice calming and gas-relieving effects.

Our Ceybon AF formulations include many herbs and mushrooms that we’ve chosen based on their herbal actions and how they mimic the effects of alcohol on our nervous systems and spirits. Some of the most highlighted herbal actions, used specifically to mimic the euphoria of alcohol, include thymoleptics (uplifting to the mood and spirit) like Mimosa tree, nervine sedatives (again, calming to the nervous system) like lemon balm, and circulatory stimulants (warming to the body and pelvis) like prickly ash. This is why, when you sip our mushroom-infused cocktails, you get euphorically, delightfully, buzzed! 

Herb Highlight: Mimosa Tree

Mimosa Tree, an incredibly effective thymoleptic herb, is a key ingredient in all of our Ceybon AF formulations! Mimosa has a long history of use in Chinese Medicine - with its name, he huan pi, translating to “collective happiness bark”, highlighting this herb’s incredible ability to lift mood and balance emotions. Mimosa tree’s pink pom-pom blossoms are traditionally used, along with the bark, to calm shen, or one’s spirit, which helps relieve anxiety, depression, irritability, nightmares and more. An exceptional herb for grief and broken hearts, mimosa is an invaluable companion for the human condition - loss and sadness are normal parts of all of our lives. Mimosa tree is there for us, to hold and lift our spirits as we move through our emotions and ground into our resiliency.

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