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No Shame. The Digest Reset.

No Shame. The Digest Reset.

Overdo it this Summer with ice cream, tacos, lobster rolls and booze? No shame.

Follow these tips on digestive resetting to let go off excess, stagnancy and give yourself a reset:

1. Take 2 spoonfuls of The Digest in 3 oz.sparkling water before each meal. Hawthorn berry, shiso leaf and fermented shen qu helps clear bloating, gas and excess water from your system.

2. Drink 32 oz. of green tea every day. Scrubs fats from your digestive tract and lightly curbs appetite.

3. Sweat! Run, jump, play, whatever gets you moving for 40 mins a day. The best moves are in intervals of high and lower intensity, followed by 7-10 minutes of strength training.

4. Engage in intentional breathing, into your belly, through your nose, 6 count in and 6 count out, 10 minutes a day. See @ceybon for reels on breathing.

5. Gua sha your belly in short downward strokes, from the ribcage to below your navel. Opens up the circulation to your intestines and gets things moving. See @ceybon for reels on gua sha.

Happy Reset!

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