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Euphoric Centering Ritual for Body and Soul.

Euphoric Centering Ritual for Body and Soul.

Life’s been a damn lot, and like waves in the ocean, there will surely be more. This is why it’s vital to celebrate every victories, rest up, love up, play always and build your strength for the big things that matter.

Here’s a little thing I do to help me find myself when I feel battered and ungrounded. It’s my version of few wonderful paths up the centering mountain, shared by smart and beautiful people I feel lucky to know. This ritual helps me invite more love and light into my heart. I hope it does the same for you.

Ceybon’s Euphoric Centering Ritual for Body and Soul.

  1. Gather your centering love props:

    • a yoga mat or blanket, pen and paper, a candle, a bowl of water, a few stones, incense, or palo santo, a few small things of beauty like a flower, a sculpture, a drawing, a gem, etc., a small glass or cup of warm water, and a bottle of Euphoria Found.

  2. Pull on something you feel comfy and good in. (as defined by YOU) If nothing feels good then put on something “good enough”. You’ll be feeling better soon, for sure.

  3. Arrange all your lovely items in a wide circle around you. Take note of which things feel best in different places in the circle.

  4. Standing on your mat, address all 8 directions (North, South, East, West, above, below, without and within by name, opening your arms to each and then releasing them to your sides. It goes something like this:

    • Face the South, step one foot forward, reach both hands overhead and back to heart center while saying To the South, I say Thank You. Face the North, then the East, then the West and say the same. Now reach straight up and say to the Above, I say Thank You. Then put your hands on the ground and say, to the Below I say Thank You. Then with a wide sweeping gesture from your chest all the way around to your back, say to the Without, I say Thank You. Then bring your arms back the other way, encircle yourself, with your hands resting back at your heart and navel and say to the Within, I say Thank You. Then open your arms and legs out to become a human star and repeat, Leaf to Leaf, Root to Root, Seed to Seed, May all I have be all I need. Then return your hands to your heart and take a big, long, deep breath.

  5. Light your candle and your incense. Pour yourself some Euphoria Found into the water in your cup. Take a long drink. Settle into a comfy seat and breath simply, inhaling for 6 seconds, exhaling for 6 seconds and gaze at all the things of beauty before you. After a few minutes of filling your visual cup, repeat these words 3 times : I know who I am. I know what I am. I know why I am here. I am free, I am free, I am free.

  6. Take your pen and paper. If there’s anything stuck in your mind or heart, that’s troubling you, write it on the paper. Fold the troubles within and on the outside write: beautiful fertilizer.

  7. Light your incense and light your candle.

  8. Safely, over your bowl of water, burn your list.

  9. Take another long sip of your Euphoria. Linger as long as you like. When complete, blow out the flames pour out the water with ash and carry a new perspective, a bit more centering and love into your life.

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