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Self-Discovery and Self-Care in a Pandemic

Self-Discovery and Self-Care in a Pandemic

During this pandemic, I discovered a few things about myself.

Maybe you did too.

I realized my own permeability to outside influences. ie: I internalize ambient anxiety from the outside world more strongly than I had thought.

This realization drove another, of how interconnected we really are, even unconsciously.

This brought home another of how important it is to practice emotional and relational hygiene. What is this?

This is the practice of acknowledging my feelings while doing my best not to a. dump them on others, b. hold them in perspective as continuously changing reactions, c. take personal responsibility and engage in self-soothing behaviors with compassion and integrity, and d. give and receive help, support, and love now more than ever.

Learning some self-care:

  • I cannot look at/ listen to the news all day or especially 1st thing in the morning. I have to pick one time a day and limit it to a summary.

  • I must get outside every day for at least 1 hour, but preferably 2 hours. I have never loved my local park or beach walk so much as I do right now.

  • I need to feel in control of something simple every day. I pick an easy thing, like a load of laundry, some weeding, baking muffins, or vacuuming.

  • I try to do something creative, be it, drawing, music, cooking a beautiful meal. 

  • I interact with friends, family, and colleagues as meets my needs, which change from day to day. 

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