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COVID 19 Protocol for Safe Care

COVID 19 Protocol for Safe Care

Before arriving at the office: 

Call 415-531-8555 to reschedule or discuss further and please do not come to the office, if you have COVID 19 symptoms, have tested positive for COVID 19, have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID 19 or has COVID 19 symptoms or you have recently traveled.

Pre-visit Questions:

Do you have a fever or have you felt hot or feverish in the past 2 weeks?

Are you having or have you had shortness of breath or other difficulties breathing in the past 2 weeks?

Do you or have or have you had you a cough in the past 2 weeks?

Do you have or have you had a sore throat or runny nose in the past 2 weeks?

Are you having or have you had other u-like symptoms, such as headache, chills, muscle aches, or fatigue in the past 2 weeks?

Are you experiencing or have you experienced loss of taste or smell in the past 2 weeks?

Do you have or have you had any nausea, vomiting, or other atypical gastrointestinal symptoms in the past 2 weeks?

To your knowledge, have you been in contact with anyone who has been experiencing any of these COVID19 symptoms or has tested positive?

If so, please describe contact and last date of contact. Have you traveled by air in the past 14 days?

If so, please provide date of last flight.

Have you been tested for COVID19? If you have, please describe reason for testing and the date and result of your test.

In the past 2 weeks, have you congregated in groups or spent time in close proximity with others outside of your immediate household where masks were not being worn? If yes, please describe.

Confirm by texting 415-531-8555 NONE that you do not have any of the above criteria on the day of your appointment.

Positive responses to any of these questions may indicate a need for a deeper discussion with Dr. Giulietta Octavio before proceeding with your scheduled treatment.

At your appointment:

Your temperature will be taken and or I may give you a smell test at the office entrance. Once passed, you will be permitted to enter the office, wearing a mask, remove your shoes, and wash your hands immediately upon entry. Before and after you, all hard surfaces and equipment are sanitized. Sheets, towels, covers, etc. are bagged, removed, and replaced after each treatment. I will also wear a mask during your treatment and visit, until such time as it is deemed safe not to do so.

Office procedure is governed by cdc guidelines, reliable data analysis, and medical mandate. 

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