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Do you remember your first diary?

Mine was a super cheesy pink thing with a tiny lock on it. I had read enough YA diary stories to know that this was meant to be the repository of my innermost thoughts and desires. True to my adolescence, I was awash with thoughts and desires! I filled that little thing in a hot second.

Writing to yourself, now called journaling for those in the know, is one of the best DIY tools for improving your quality of life and mental health. And trust me, it’s not just for tweens anymore.

Of course, there are now studies to prove what we already know and add a few benefits to the list that might not have occurred to us. The habit of daily journaling offers:

  1. a boost in mindfulness

  2. improved memory

  3. better communication skills.

  4. better sleep

  5. a stronger immune system

  6. more self-confidence

  7. a higher I.Q.

Check out this NYT article and their sources: What’s All This About Journaling?


Journaling gives you a daily opportunity to get to know yourself and reflect back over your life’s journey. It gives you clues for when and how to act in alignment with your true needs. It offers a marker of time and evidence of your feeling state and life circumstance that lends clarity what your memories obscure.

Want a nifty paper journal? Check out on of my favorite SF sources: Dog Eared Books.

Not sure where to begin? Start with a few simple prompts like these:

I am…

I think…

I’m excited about….

I wish….

I am curious about….

I can make a positive impact by…

I forgive…

I fear…

I feel…


Creating a ritual of sitting down and writing out your thoughts, ideas, dreams, frustrations, grievances, to do list, hopes and dreams can be a real game changer.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a tour de force. Even 5 minutes of journal writing over a cup of coffee or before bed is great.

Sometimes when, I’m too much in my head and I can’t get in touch with my feelings let alone write them out, I simply time myself for 5 minutes and write a letter to my future self.

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