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What is Euphoria Found?

What is Euphoria Found?

Euphoria Found can be used:

  • as part of a daily stress support routine.

  • taken as part of a mindfulness ritual solo or between you and your partner, friend or lover.

  • as a low alcohol alternative to booze.


What’s in the bottle?

Herbs, alcohol (each dose contains the equivalent alcohol of half a ripe banana), and raw local honey.

Studies and more about the herbs:



He Huan Pi


Fu Shen/ Ling Zhi/ Reishi Mushroom

Gan Cao/ Licorice

Raw Honey



Shake well. 1-2 teaspoons in hot or cold water, 2-4 times a day.

Serving Suggestions:

Stress Support Spritzer: mix 2 teaspoons of Euphoria Found into a glass of seltzer or ginger beer. Add a lime wedge and enjoy.

Hot Calmy: mix 2 teaspoons of Euphoria Found into a mug of ginger tea. Curl up and enjoy.


Here is a little bit about the folklore of each herb, their personalities and attributes.

Damiana- a central American yellow flower renowned for lighting and relighting passion in the body.

He Huan Hua and pi- Chinese for ‘collective happiness’ flower & bark, known as the mimosa tree in English, it uplifts the heart and invites an emotional shift to greater ease.

Bacopa- first described in 6th c. ad as the ‘intellect rejuvenator,’ the water hyssop offers increase mental focus, function and a release of anxious thoughts.

Passiflora- passion flower has a robust evidence base of anti-anxiety properties and a big (plant) heart.

Fu Shen- also known as Reishi is the spirit mushroom and it calms inner agitation with its earthy demeanor.

Bai Shao, Viburnum & Xiang Fu- a tension-releasing trio to unlock the jaw, neck, shoulders, back for more juicy flow and additionally improve digestion and feelings of stuck-ness.

Ge Hua- brings the energy down, clears headaches, releases pressure, and is a folk remedy for hangover (Bonus!) 

Ye Jiao Teng- monkey brain repellent, AKA chills out your busy mind!

Gan Cao- if there was a power ranger called adrenal friend, harmonize and activate, licorice would be it.

Local raw honey- packed with antioxidants, antifungal and antibiotic properties. 

Damiana Flower

A true body positive botanical to help you drop in and chill out.

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